Compliance with all applicable regulations ensures perfect integrity of the drug: the D’Amora park consists of insulated vehicles with a refrigeration system and a temperature detection, verification and recording system. The drugs are transported and stored in optimal conditions that avoid direct heat, cold, light, humidity or other unfavorable conditions and are not subject to attack by microorganisms or insects, guaranteeing the absolute absence of contamination.

The warehouses are equipped with equipment and systems suitable for maintaining the cold chain (between + 2/8 ° C and + 8/25 ° C) in all stages of the supply chain (gripping, processing, traction and subsequent capillary distribution) and the deposit is composed of three cells at controlled temperatures 24 hours a day and connected to a monitoring system.

D’Amora Trasporti operates with specific authorizations issued by the competent authorities, with reference to both the means of transport and the deposit; all operators, including transporters, are required to comply strictly with the storage conditions indicated on the label.

Reference regulations

Information on the storage temperature of medicinal products

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Information on the storage temperature of medicinal products